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Wait a Minute… I Can Learn to Weld?

When you think of welding, you probably think of someone in a big metal mask with a blow torch and lots of sparks. Maybe you think of Tony Stark welding the next Iron Man armor, or maybe you think of Rambo creating his own tools and weapons in the jungle.

There’s sparks and flames and hot metal… it’s all very exciting but definitely not something you’d probably considered trying…

But welding isn’t just for the factories and movies! In fact, anyone can learn to weld. Yep, even you!

What You’ll Learn

Of course it’s super important that you know how to do this right – otherwise you can end up injuring yourself and burning down the house. Your other half will not be happy. Stick with us and we’ll show you everything you need to know so that you can learn to weld safely and easily and without breaking the bank!

Those sparks by the way? They come from electric stick welders. These are the cheapest systems for welding but require a bit of practice to use. There you go: you’ve learned something already! Of course we’ll cover all that in depth as well as gas wielding (oxy-acetylene) and wire feed welding!

For those who already know what they’re doing or who are welding professionally, we’ll be looking at a ton of more advanced information to help you become even better at your chosen craft. We’ll discuss best practices and tips as well as the best kinds of welding joints. When do you use a J-groove versus a U-groove for instance?

Why Learn to Weld

But why would you want to learn to weld? If you’re already a pro then you can skip this section. For everyone else though…

Are you kidding me?

Learning to weld is not only incredibly cool, it’s also incredibly useful! You can use welding to create all kinds of metal objects whether that’s some home gym equipment or a piece of beautiful garden art. This is about the most exciting and interesting form of DIY out there and we’ll provide a ton of exciting welding projects you can try your hand at.

Here are just some examples:

  • Roofing
  • Artwork
  • Candle holders
  • Patio arbors
  • Furniture
  • Weapons
  • Ornamanets/sculptures
  • Barbeques
  • Grills
  • And much more!

Welding can also be a great profession. Welders aren’t easy to come by these days and as such they’re in high demand. You can earn a lot of money as a welder and even if it starts as a hobby you’ll find that you can start earning a little money on the side selling things to friends or doing odd jobs. We’ll help you every step of the way!

News, Reviews and More!

As mentioned, we’ll be reviewing all sorts of products from welders themselves, to cutting equipment, generators, welding carts, safety equipment and more. If you’re a professional and you weld for a living, then you should definitely add us to your bookmarks so that you can keep checking back to get updated and to kit yourself out with the very best equipment out there. Our reviews are always in-depth, entertaining, objective, useful and accurate. When it comes to welding equipment you can’t afford to buy shoddy products; you need a website you can trust!

In short, this is the number one resource for everything welding related. You won’t find a better source of information, discussion and reviews anywhere. If you were looking for welding info… well then you found it!

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