BJUS Battery Pack Spot Welding Machine Review

Welding machines are something you must have in your workshop, due to the fact most products and items nowadays are made from metal and they need welding at some point. The Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine and Battery Charger in question is an affordable welding machine, based on the latest technology and with the latest features. Keep in mind that this is a spot welding machine, so it is more practical and more precise than older welding machines.

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At the same time, this product can be used as a battery charger. Simply said, for this amount of money your two devices. Even better, the battery charging feature is one of the best you can get, simply because it guarantees precise and safe charging of any battery.

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Precise welding

The most important feature of this welding machine is the precision. As aforementioned, this is spot welding machine, which means that it can be used for delicate applications. On the other side, the welding machine is powerful and uses high levels of current, so welding is strong and durable. This machine can be used by professional, simply due to this feature. Thanks to low price, it can be used by beginners as well, which means that it can be used by almost any person.

Temperature display

Any welding expert will tell you that a precise temperature is mandatory for precise and effective welding. In this case, you will get a display, where you can monitor the temperature. Keep in mind that different metals require different temperature in order to be welded perfectly. Even better, adjusting the temperature is simple and it takes just a few seconds. Similar models on the market also have temperature displays, but adjusting the temperature may be more complicated.

Display for battery charging

This feature is more than needed, due to the fact it tells you how much a battery is charged. You must know that charging a battery for longer than needed can cause damages and in some cases can ruin the battery itself! Thanks to this display, you will charge a battery precisely it needs charging, which means that the risk of damaging it will be eliminated. The size of the display is 2×3 LED digits. It offers impressive visibility, at all conditions, so using it won’t be an issue, no matter when and where you are charging a battery.

Easy to use

One of the most important advantages of this product is the simplicity of it. In fact, you can use it without reading manual, but the manufacturer suggests that reading it is more than recommended. In any case, you get a detailed manual that will explain all the features and capabilities of this welding machine. You will need about 5 minutes to read it, and after that you will be ready to use this machine. All buttons are carefully made, so they can be used while you are wearing safety gloves.

Specifications and Features of BJUS Battery Pack

  • 220 V of voltage input
  • 2A~15A of primary current
  • 1~0.5mm, thickness of the soldering
  • 12.5 x 10 x 7.3 inches
  • 10.9 pounds
  • Items included in the package: 4 soldering electrodes, 1 pedal, 1 hex wrench, charging wire and fuse (1)
  • 2~15V recharge range
  • Welding machine and battery charger
  • Display for battery recharging
  • Temperature display

Customer Reviews

Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine and Battery Charger is an affordable product that combines 2 machines into one. The quality and the functionality are outstanding. Let’s find out what customers have said about this product:

  • “This works just great, spot welds batteries like no other. The charging function is also awesome with the ability to charge any voltage batteries. The directions are not so clear so it takes a little time to learn but after you have it down there is no reason to ever buy another one. For the price and workability, it cannot be beat!”

  • “I was skeptical as this was pretty inexpensive, but the guys put it to work day one. I think it has already paid for itself and well worth it.”

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This is the best welding machine in this price range. Even better, you get a battery charger for the same amount of money, so it is a great investment.

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