Everlast 250EX TIG Welder Review

Looking for a new welding machine for your home or work? You have found the ultimate guide for welders here. Most people become confused when they go to purchase a welder and many end up buying the exact wrong model for them. That is why it is so essential to learn about your options before jumping into a purchase decision.

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In this review I will be going over the EverlastPowerTig 250EX TIG Stick Pulse Welder with Inverter. Included will be features, specifications, customer reviews and scores. Hopefully this review will help someone learn more about this welder and either move them toward or away from purchasing this model.

Simple, but Powerful

This welder is great for beginners or at home users because of the simplicity of use. However, it can also be useful for the professional because it does offer enough power to complete some heavy duty tasks. Since the package is meant for portability, this is a great welder for the home hobbyist and professional welder alike.

Refined, yet Operator Friendly

Do you want a welder that is both classy and easy to use? Well, this one can deliver on that. This model includes a digital readout so that you can get the perfect amperage setting for the project that you are working on. With color coded knobs that are also labeled, finding the correct settings for your projects should be a breeze. The simple user interface is one thing that makes this welder great for new users as well as veterans who just want a machine that is easy to set.

Task Versatility

Since this welder is deeply customizable, you can set a number of parameters for a variety of dissimilar jobs. It has several controls that are individually controllable and therefore allow you to get the exact parameters for what you are working on at the time. You can set this welder from 2t to 4t and back, depending on what kind of operation you are performing.

Features and Specifications of Everlast 250EX

  • Weight—65 pounds
  • Dimensions—24 x 9 x 17 inches
  • Voltage Input—220 V/ 240 V
  • Amperage Output—5 to 250 A TIG; 5 to 200 Stick
  • TIGDuty Cycle—250 A at 60 percent or 200 A at 100 percent
  • Stick Duty Cycle—200 A at 35 percent, 160 A at 60 percent or 135 A at 100 percent
  • 2t or 4t controls
  • Works with gas generator

Customer Reviews and Scores Of Everlast 250EX

With only 2 reviews on Amazon, it is hard to tell what people really think about this welder. That being said, the 2 reviews are both positive—one is 5 stars and the other is 4 stars. While one review is too long for me to include here, I can include the other. I did do some more digging and found a few more reviews on other sites like Home Depot; I’ve decided to include one from there as well.

  • “Really met my expectations worked out pretty well.”

  • “I purchased this welder so that I could earn some extra money welding on the side. It started with small steel fabrication and repair jobs but once word got out I began getting aluminum and stainless steel work too and I’ve made some serious cash with this welder. I am very, very happy with it.”

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Overall this is a solid welder that has a wide amperage range and a user friendly interface. Since it can do TIG and Stick welding, it saves you money and room in your workspace.

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