Generic Electrode Electric Spot Welder Review

Spot welders are powerful tools that are more than needed if you work with metal. The latest products are lighter, smaller and offer precise welding, so using them is the best thing you can do in order to make high-quality products from metal. Electrode Electric Spot Welder in question is the latest addition to the market. It has all, aforementioned advantages and it is more than affordable. On the other side, it offers impressive welding power and high quality welding.

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The best thing about this product is the fact it can be used in professional application, but also by beginners. In addition, using this tool is simple and you are going to need 5 minutes to read the manual and start using it.

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Heavy duty

The best and the most important feature of this tool is the fact it has been made for professional applications. It is made from strong materials, so it can withstand any type of use. Even better, the design is compact, so it can be used for spot welding in places where other tools of this type don’t have reach. On the other side, the manufacturer didn’t use color for this tool, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the color while using it.

Lightweight and small dimensions

As aforementioned, this unit has a compact design, so it can be used for places where other products of this type don’t have access. The dimensions are 21 x 11 x 6 inches and the weight is 31 pounds. It isn’t the smallest, nor the lightest product of this type, but the weight can be justified due to the fact the manufacturer used high quality materials during the manufacturing process. Simply said, this product is durable and it can last for a long time. An interesting fact is that the design has been carefully chosen, so it doesn’t cause wrist fatigue. This means that it can be used several hours per day, and there won’t be any issues.

Welding thickness is between 1.0 and +1.0

Due to the fact this spot welder has impressive welding thickness, it can be used for numerous applications. The actual number of applications is huge, which makes this product versatile. No matter when and where you need spot welding, this welder is the best choice. Welding metals with a different thickness won’t be an issue as well, which makes this welder far more effective than most models, available on the market right now. You should take into consideration that this is one of more affordable spot welders, but it has features that can be compared with more expensive products of this type.

Features and Specification of Generic Electrode Electric

  • 0+1.0 welding thickness
  • Easy to use
  • Made from high-quality materials, so it is durable and resistant to light damages
  • The dimensions are 21 x 11 x 6 inches
  • The weight is 31 pounds
  • H class insulation
  • 30% rated duty
  • Comes with 2 additional tong tips
  • Input voltage: 110V
  • Designed for professional applications
  • Doesn’t cause wrist fatigue
  • Precise spot welding
  • Small dimensions, so it can reach problematic areas
  • Well-made

Customer Reviews

The Electrode Electric Spot Welder in question is the best way to spot weld metal areas and it is one of the best products of this type, simply because it is durable and well-made. Here are some customer feedbacks:

  • “This little and cheap spot welder is a gem. Does a fine job in it’s intended roll. Powerful and quick. Used it on 16 gauge and it pops it together quick.”

  • “I am satisfied with the product is very good quality I am satisfied with the product is of very good quality plays so perfectan is ideal for plating”

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The product in question is designed for heavy duty purposes, which means that it can be used every day, in professional applications, so this should be taken into account when buying this item. The manufacturer used only the strongest, but lightest materials, which causes a perfect combination of the durability and lightweight.

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