Hobart 500493 Plasma Cutter Review

During my time spent setting up a home workshop, I never really had a particular need for a very strong plasma cutter. An occasional cut here or there, dealing mostly with lightweight metals and laughable thickness ratings meant that I never had to look too far to find a decent cutter that will get the job done. Choosing to turn my occasional meddling around the workshop into a business meant that I had to bring some serious power to the table before I could call my setup complete. I was looking for something more powerful, a cutter that would be recommended for industrial uses, just to be sure. The problem is, those can get very expensive, but in those regards, the Hobart 500493 AirForce™ 625 stood out.

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It exceeds your expectations

For a plasma cutter rated for having industrial use, this unit looked fairly small and compact and I couldn’t help but be a little doubtful about how it will perform. My first testing cut was a 1/2 mild steel, and it turns out to go through it like a warm knife through butter, which reassured me. Unlike some of the units of this kind, this one was ready to go right out of the box and didn’t require any additional tools or complicated processes before I could run it in use it. It was ready to go in literally 10 minutes.

It might be familiar

To diehard Hobart fans, this might come as an actual upgrade. You will certainly get to see some of the Hobart trademark features, such as the wind tunnel technology and the fan on demand, which are both pretty much a standard feature even on the previous Hobart builds. What I really enjoyed is that there is a special feature built into this unit, which draws 30% less amperage than your average model of the same kind and still delivers the same cutting power. If you are worried about how high your electricity bill is going to be, this feature might just be able to save you.

A no mess experience

It turns out that this unit was exactly what I was looking for! It was a no hassle experience right from the start, because I found it to be extremely easy to operate. Not only did it not require any special tools, but it also had a very straightforward operation technique, and the ICE-40C hand-held torch with extremely easy to connect or remove whenever it was needed. Since it runs both on air or gas, depending on your preference, there is a filter regulator built right into the unit, to protect it during transportation.

Features and Specifications Of Hobart 500493

  • Weight: 68.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 27.8 x 20.6 x 15 inches
  • Easy to use and powerful at the same time
  • Starts without high-frequency to avoid damaging computers
  • Wind tunnel technology
  • On-demand fan
  • Gas and air regulator to protect the unit during transport
  • Power efficient thanks to the PFC system
  • Can cut through a variety of metals
  • Rated and recommended for industrial use

Customer Scores and Reviews Of Hobart 500493

Based on the lack of reviews on Amazon, this unit seems to be somewhat of a hidden gem among Hobart’s line of plasma cutters, and although customers have no opinions to offer quite yet, the unit is still a very solid purchase that can serve its purpose for a very long time, which is why it is still worth considering.

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All in all it is a fairly good purchase to consider, especially if you are looking for something you can use to handle tougher surfaces without necessarily spending an entire fortune. If you are a regular Hobart plasma cutter user, you probably aren’t going to need too much time to get used to this one, except for the fact that it will certainly feel like an improved version of the other models.

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