Hobart Airforce 500546 Plasma Cutter Review

Hobart does not need too many presentations in terms of plasma cutters. It is one of the best established manufacturers out there. Its products stand up in the crowd and sell like hot bread. Sure, you still have to conduct some research upfront. If you need something for home operations or a small shop, Hobart Airforce 500546 700i will pleasantly surprise you. It has a smooth and comfortable operation that does not demand too much effort. Also, it is easy to get along with, while its features make you feel like operating a commercial unit. Now, what other features should you be aware of?

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Professional Cutting Tip

Once you get to use this plasma cutter, you will never want something else. The cutting tip is flawless. It has a post flow air cooling feature, which also adds to the overall durability. As a direct consequence, you will spend less money on consumables – which, by the way, are not so expensive anyway.

The cutter can endure all kinds of conditions. As long as you go under 1” in thickness, there is no way to fail in cutting steel. Copper and aluminum are just as simple to go through. However, when used in small shops and garages, most cutters rarely have to face such thick metals.

Cutting Expectations

Hobart has rated this machine to cut up to 7/8” steel. This is the official specification. Of course, everyone will try a little more sometimes. Results are exceptional even if you go up to 1”. Going higher than that will diminish the result though, so do not abuse it. Most people never bother to check the thickness anyway because they rarely need to go above 1/2”. Despite all these capabilities, the Airforce 500546 700i plasma cutter is portable and easy to carry around.

Full Package

Hobart does not like to fool around with the customer’s satisfaction. The package is full and includes the hand held torch, work cable, clamp, power cord, gas/air filter and regulator, some extra consumables and the detailed owner’s manual. Once you get this package, you do not have to spend money on anything, but just get to work. Extra consumables include two tips, two electrodes and one air fitting.

Features and Specifications of Hobart 500546

  • Weighs 35.4 pounds
  • Measures 14.2×8.2×11.2 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • New inverter design
  • Ergonomic and comfortable torch
  • Post flow air cooling
  • Fan on demand
  • Wind tunnel technology for protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Cable management strap
  • Comes with extra consumables
  • Line voltage compensation – up to 15%

Customer Reviews and Scores of Hobart 500546

There are a dozen reviews available for Hobart’s plasma cutters. It scores pretty high for this segment – 4.5 out of 5 stars. Over 87% of all buyers have given it four and five stars.

  • I wasn’t expecting such a small and compact plasma cutter to have such power. I’m cutting through one inch steel like hot knife cuts through butter. I use this plasma cutter for over two years and it works flawlessly.”

  • I’ve had a different Hobart plasma cutter at work and I needed an extra one, so I decided on this model. The new inverter makes it physically small, but it doesn’t affect its performance. I’ve only used it for 3/4” metal though.”

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In the end, Hobart Airforce 500546 700i will feel surprising at first, yet its power makes you realize that you have a monster under that case. It is quite versatile in operation and it comes with all kinds of safety and security measures for durability. Furthermore, its portability makes it flexible as well.

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