LONGEVITY 721405557523 Stick Welder Review

Finding the perfect welder for your personal needs can be daunting, mostly because there are so many products out there and each of them looks fine. But then, it is your responsibility to dig deeper and go beyond the official specifications. I did not follow this general rule though, so my first welder was far from what I needed. I had to resell it to recover a part of my money. Luckily, I made a better choice the second time.

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LONGEVITY 721405557523 Stickweld 140 140-AMP Dual Voltage Portable Stick Welder is probably one of the most appreciated welders over the Internet, especially among newbies and hobbyists. Not only it has the right features, but it also adds to the overall convenience and comfort. As for its performance, it is usually more than what you actually require. So, what should you actually know about it?

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Lightweight and Portable

Whether you need a secondary welder for your small business or you need something for your home based DIY projects, it might be a good idea to invest in a portable unit. Why? Simple! When you need it for a small business, you will probably have a series of off site projects. When it comes to your home, you probably imagine that you do not need to move it too much, yet you will still have to clean around it or perhaps take it closer or farther from your working spot.

This model weighs not more than 13 pounds. It is extremely lightweight – even a kid can move it around. It has a compact and ergonomic construction too, so moving it from one place to another is a piece of cake. Other than that, the top part has a comfortable handle. It is not like you would not be able to move the welder without the handle, but it actually adds to your comfort, so take advantage of it.

Convenience First

The welding machine is less likely to cause too much drama or hassle. In fact, it is quite comfortable to use and it will not give you any headaches. It was originally designed for hobbyists, newbies and less experienced people. Therefore, even if this is your first welding machine, there are no problems associated with it. The control panel is more than intuitive. It is user friendly and ready to welcome you. All the controls are gathered in one place. Some machines come with multiple controls all over the case, but not this one. Moreover, every knob and button is labeled, so you know precisely what it does.

If you still experience any worries, feel free to check the detailed owner’s manual. It has all the information you need to set this machine and run it accordingly.

Easy to Use

The machine can be used out of the box. Sure, it needs a few connections done, but this is it. The lift TIG operation is ready, so you will have no issues in connecting a TIG torch right away. You do not need to spend any money on other elements either. Some machines come with incomplete packages, but this one has everything. It has the power plugs, as well as a power switching adapter.

Features and Specifications of LONGEVITY 721405557523

  • Weighs 13 pounds
  • Measures 20x20x10 inches
  • Metallic case
  • 140amp stick welder
  • Can run on both 110V and 220V
  • Lift TIG operation ready for the connection with a TIG torch
  • Power switching adapter included in the package
  • Power plugs included
  • Can push 6011 rod with no problems at all

Customer Reviews and Scores of LONGEVITY 721405557523

I have been through around 50 reviews for this welding machine. I can only say that it does what it is supposed to do. Over 86% of all customers have rated it to be perfect or almost perfect, which is an impressive percentage. Of course, it might have a few complaints as well.

  • “I weld for 19 years and this machine is the first one that could truly impress me. The rapport for its size, weight and power is outstanding. I found similar power standards before, but in way heavier units. Plus, it’s extremely simple to use. My son is now learning to become a welder as well.”

  • “I was looking for a compact and portable welder for quite a few months. This one impressed me with its ratings, so I can only add to them. It’s simple to use, but also very light. I think it’s the lightest welder I’ve ever dealt with. Besides, I don’t think you can find a different welder with this kind of power for such a low weight. It’s certainly a good buy!”

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As a short final conclusion, LONGEVITY 721405557523 Stickweld 140 140-AMP Dual Voltage Portable Stick Welder can become the best thing that has ever happened to your welding passion. It will work for small business operations as well.

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