Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter Review

When compared to other plasma cutter manufacturers, Lotos Technology might look relatively new. However, most of its products are pretty well rated. Once you get the opportunity to work with one, you will realize that it can easily exceed your expectations. When in search for a reliable and cost efficient plasma cutter, Lotos LTP5000D inevitably pops up among the front runners. This model is well built and solid, while the handle on top of it makes it obvious – it is lightweight and portable. It can easily match the necessities of both amateurs and professionals as well. Now, what exactly should you know about it?

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Portability and Efficiency

The LTP5000D plasma cutter is widely appreciated for its portability. You can easily tell that by looking at its design. It has a sturdy handle on top, so it is meant to be carried around. It only weighs 19.4 pounds, so moving it around should not be too complicated.

In terms of efficiency, it goes through aluminum, copper, alloy steel, mild steel and stainless steel with no problems at all. Another good news is that it is pretty safe. Basically, it does not use hazardous compressed air for the operation, so you are not exposed to any risks.

Pilot Arc Technology

The Pilot Arc torch gains more and more popularity in new plasma cutters. It is one of the most efficient ways to cut through all kinds of metals. This feature is ideal if the metal is not a plain sheet. Whether it is rough, rusty or painted, it will cut it with no issues at all. At the same time, the cut is uniform and clean. There is not too much slag left behind either. Some people will appreciate the torch for quick starting, without even having to touch the surface.

Full Package

What can be more frustrating than a plasma cutter without the optimal accessories to cut? Exactly! Lotos does not fool around when it comes to customer satisfaction. This package includes a ground clamp, air filter, air hose, connections, cable and plasma torch – apart from the actual machine. The best part is that consumables are not expensive either, so longterm operations will not skyrocket your costs.

Features and Specifications of Lotos LTP5000D

  • Weighs 19.4 pounds
  • Measures 18.8x16x11 inches
  • Handle for portability
  • Can cut copper, aluminum and more types of steel
  • Does not use hazardous compressed air
  • Pilot Arc technology for rusty and painted metals
  • MOSFET transistors
  • Dual voltage capability
  • Comes with a ground clamp, cable, air hose and connections, air regulator and plasma torch
  • Automatic dual voltage and dual frequency
  • Robust Infineon IGBT made by Siemens
  • PAPST cooling system made in Germany
  • Maximum cutting thickness 1/2”
  • Maximum severance thickness 3/4”

Customer Reviews and Scores of Lotos LTP5000D

With more than 200 reviews, I think the Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter has had a serious impact on its segment. It scores 4.1 out of 5 stars, while 84% of its buyers rate it to be perfect or almost perfect.

  • This plasma cutter works like a breeze, yet I’ve personally made some adjustments. I think the air hose is quite hard to seal, so I’ve just replaced it with a classic rubber air hose and some teflon tape.”
  • I think this model is a bargain. It doesn’t cost a lot – not even in the long run – and it cuts perfectly. Make sure you check the maximum thickness though…”

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As a short final conclusion, Lotos LTP5000D can easily find a place in every garage or small shop. As long as you do not need to cut metal thicker than 1/2”, there are no reasons to overlook this model.

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