Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder Review

Buying a first welder might be tricky with so many choices out there. Everyone feels the same, even the more experienced welders. They might know what they need, but the truth is that plenty of products seem to come up with similar features. This is when a little research and education can make your life easier. First, figure what you need. Second, go beyond the official specifications and determine whether a particular welder is worth your time and money. Some models do stand up in the crowd though. After failing on my first welder due to a quick and rushed decision, I have decided to actually take my time this turn.

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This is how I found Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder – 110V – certainly a leader in its segment. This welder is built to deliver, but it is also compact, lightweight and quite durable – based on reviews. Now, what should you know about it?

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Portability and Flexibility

Some welders are designed to be portable. They become a good choice for those who run all kinds of businesses and need to actually reach to their customers. However, most people do not realize that portability is just as important when you work in your garage. Whether you have a small business or your are a hobbyist welder, chances are you will need to move the welder around all the time. Sure, it depends on the application, but at some point or another, flexibility will become a must. Fortunately, this model only weighs 28 pounds. It is not the lightest welder in this segment, but not a heavy one either.

The overall construction is ergonomic and compact too. The machine is not large. Plus, it comes with a large and thick handle on top of it. Moving it around or placing it in a car will never be a problem.

Just the Right Power

Think about all your welding needs before even looking for new products. Buy the wrong product and you might face a lot of frustration later on. Even if you are new to this industry and you are not perfectly sure, consider your potential welding application early. This model, for example, is mostly indicated for home based operations. The Pitbull arc welder works wonders in garages, small operations, homes and even small local businesses. If you want it for a larger business, you might be surprised to realize that it simply cannot finish the job.

As steel is usually the main metal given for standards, you should know that you can weld up to 1/4 inch mild steel. Determine yourself whether this is what you need. For home and hobbyist welders, it should be enough.

Optimal Technical Features

Any welder on the market can weld, but you want your new one to have the right technical features for an exquisite experience. You want it to be a little stronger than what you need, only to prevent unexpected situations and trouble. This model has everything, so there is nothing to worry about. The voltage is set at 110V, so it can go with average electrical outlets with no issues at all. The frequency is at 60Hz, while the needed current goes to 26amp – single phase. It is important to know the amperage control as well – 45 to 100 amp. Other than that, this welding machine is UL listed and comes with just the right features for a perfect functionality.

A welding shield is also included in the package, so protection should never be a problem. Do not overlook the one stinger either.

Features and Specifications of Pitbull Ultra-Portable

  • Released in the spring of 2009
  • Weighs 28 pounds
  • 110V voltage
  • 60Hz frequency
  • 26amp required current
  • Single phase
  • 45to 100amp amperage control
  • Can weld 1/4 inch mild steel
  • Welder’s shield and stinger in the package
  • Compact construction
  • UL listed

Customer Reviews and Scores of Pitbull Ultra-Portable

I went through more than 180 reviews for the Pitbull welding machine and I must say that it sells like hot bread. Overall, it scores 4.1 out of 5 stars, so it makes a good impression too.

  • TBH, I got this welder just to fix a few things around my home and then keep it for unexpected situations. It has become a hobby lately, so I actually pray for such situations. I also help most of my friends. It’s outstanding!”

  • Not much to complain about this welder. Sure, it’s designed for home or small operations, but it will certainly excel. It will work with no problems in small businesses – trust me!”

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In conclusion, Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder – 110V can easily become your favorite tool around the household. It works for small operations with business purposes too, as long as you use it to its capabilities.

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